“A Full Glass” Illuminated

17 Feb
Image courtesy Google Images

Image courtesy Google Images

About a week after Narendra Modi’s address at SRCC, it was Shahi Tharoor’s turn to address student body in capital. Even though he claimed in his speech that he was not in college to make any political statements, he couldn’t refrain to allude on Modi’s famous perspective about “My glass is full” made during SRCC address. In his address to students Mr. Tharoor said “To me, indeed, it is half empty and we need to put something in it to make it full,” With all due respect if I may say, Mr. Tharoor you lack vision to understand the wisdom.

Glass is Full is a metaphor on motivation open to wide interpretation. One way to looks at it as, rather than looking at emptiness within you, nurture a vision to see that there is “something” within the apparent “nothing”. Bit more scientifically looking at it, your glass is always filled with matter; half of it is may be relatively less condensed. The motivational thought around this is that the inspiration is within you, if you look for it.

Full Glass is about complementing the material half with the other abstract, emotional or intelligence half and getting the best out of it. Battle of Longewala is a glorious chapter in India’s war history. Heavily outnumbered Major Chandpuri had an option to retreat; instead he chose to see his “glass full”. He compensated with courage, where he lacked in substance. He and his troops stood the ground for the entire night and halted the march of Pakistani troops into Indian Territory until dawn when IAF Hunters became active to finish the job.(Controversy or not longewala is just an example, there are other examples where outnumbered and underdog have turned the tide by simply getting the best out of the situation)

 “A Full Glass” – It’s not all about striving to achieve the best; it’s about making the best out of what you have.

 Beethoven, Sudha Chandran, Stephen Hawking and many more excelled in their field just by churning out the most from what they had (or not).

 Modi only speaks words that are backed by his actions. Other leaders in India may complain about the inefficient system, lack of infra-structure or other challenges and give up on it. Modi on the other hand delivers with the same bureaucracy, same procedures, same files & paperwork and yet he has been able to remove or minimize the red-tape and made the system efficient.

Image courtesy Google Images

Image courtesy Google Images

Albeit my strong viewpoint on congress leadership, I still have high regards for some congress parliamentarians and you are on top of that list. India anticipated a huge gain when you joined the parliament but for most part we have seen you in the news for wrong reasons. Seems like your attempts to “put in something to make it full”, are getting you into controversies. If I may humbly request, instead of trying to make your glass full, may be you can take a lesson from Modi and see your Glass Full. The inspiration (the illusive other half) could be within you.

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